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Logos and their evolution in 2007. Part 3 Views:300

Optical illusions

Logotypes that look like Escher’s linear images undermine the laws of physics and embody the idea of the "possibility of the impossible". The initials and capital letters of the company’s name can be often seen in this category of logotype. Due to the volume effect, these logos often belong to architectural companies or those companies who offer a new glance at usual things.


Shining logos are a symbol of light or source of knowledge that lead the way. Such logos carry certain warmth and comfort. Psychologically, a shining effect can be compared to the effect of the light at the end of the tunnel and can be achieved by different means: transparent overlays, gradients, reflections, lens glare, animation.

Dispersing points

Logos consisting of points and elements of different sizes and color intensity, which are growing bigger or smaller in a defined mathematical sequence, tend to reflect a movement targeted at concrete goals.

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