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Logos and their evolution in 2007. Part 1 Views:242

Logos and the process of their designing and promotion are always developing in search of new forms of expression. The main trends in the evolution of logos in the year 2007 are reflected in the Bill Gardner’s analysis, who is the chief curator of the database. Logos and aesthetic, cultural and conceptual trends of their development in 2007 are presented in our selection.


Logos designed in eco-style are still topical, but they become more elegant and sensitive to the environment and ethics. Now they not only imply the use of green and of vegetable patterns, but also involve a constructive message.

Pseudo coats of arms

That’s quite a popular trend that is especially present in the world of fashion and music. At first sight, the logos of this category look like genuine heraldic symbols, but only until you look closely at the composition elements: crossed guitars, mobile phones, penguins, shoes and other details that you’ll see don’t certainly belong to the epoch of knights.

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